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    The Alternatives have an answer for this – make them laugh! Humanity is a highly complex collection of peoples with a whole spectrum of different tastes, ambitions, characters, wants & wishes, The spectrum goes from the shy to the extrovert, the serious to the wild, the formal to the informal. Alternatives abound. It is no surprise that the profession of the Wedding Photographers is as diverse & as complex as the folk that they vie for as clients. Alternative Wedding Photographers is the title that is used to embrace this diversity. If it is a help there is one word that sums up the philosophy of the Alternative Wedding Photographers – Fun!

    A great many bride & grooms are uneasy with posed photographs. The Alternatives have an answer for this – make them laugh! Laugh so loud, so violently that they cry! And all the while capturing the memories, the precious moments, the loving looks, the loving embraces…oh what fun! Gone is the feeling - will they please press the button I can’t hold this smile (grimace) any longer! This diversity is extended to the wedding venues – quirky, unusual, memorable, the last place you would imagine for a wedding! Bohemian or Boho is a ‘sub-category’ of Alternative Wedding Photographers – best described by the dictionary as eccentric, radical, experimental, non-conformist, avant-garde, unconventional, unorthodox. Casual, free and easy, That just about sums up Alternative Wedding Photographers. Go to it & have fun & enjoy a marvelous alternative wedding with memories to last a lifetime! Did we REALLY do that? Yes!

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