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    Lee Garland Photography The best thing to hold on to in life is each other
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    Elopements are considered by many to be the most Romantic forms of weddings. Simplicity is the essence of elopements. Stripped of all the conventional wedding trappings. Leaving behind the complexity, the cost, the relatives, the menus & decisions on a host of matters. Leaving only pure love. Just the two love birds. Just two decisions to make: Elopement destination. Elopement wedding photographer. They say that elopement honours love. No distractions. It is also said that marriage is an adventure. Maybe that is why adventurous elopement have become so popular.

    Returning to their Elopement wedding photographer, elopement experience is important. Capturing the essence of the ‘2 ones alone’ needs great skill. For the romantics the Isle of Skye & the Lake District elopement destinations are less strenuous & very popular elopement wedding destinations. Gay Paris is also a favoured elopement wedding destination – this romantic city has had a very good brand name for fun & romance since the Roaring Twenties! Iceland, Alaska, Colorado, Snowdonia, Glencoe elopements certainly set the stage for adventure.


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