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    Engagements are a massive step. One of the most important in life.

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    Two people, Women & Man, Woman & Woman or Man & Man, engaging with other.
    Exploring the match. Testing the waters. Does it work? Does it fit? Will it last? Will it end in marriage?
    A myriad of thoughts goes through their minds.
    Recording this most memorable event is very important.
    It takes experience & talent to capture the ‘blossoming of love’ that accompanies the bonding - the engagement – of these two people.
    This is where the skill of the Engagement Wedding Photographer comes in.
    These Engagement Photographers come in many shapes & sizes & specialities.
    There are Boho (Bohemian) Engagement Photographers who would appeal to folk who want no formalities.
    Alternative Engagement Photographers are for those that want fun, quirky, unconventional approaches. Such folk hate posing for photos so go with the Alternatives.
    Then for the adventurous there are Engagement Photographers who will push the physical & mental boundaries in Glencoe, Snowdonia or the Rockies.

    Then you have Engagement Photographers more inclined to Luxury, Intimate or Elegant approaches.
    Finally there are the Awards Winning Engagement Photographers.
    How did these engagements come about in the first place.
    These days it might be from online dating. Yes, indeed - but lacks romance.
    More likely from Valentines Day, where romance is in the air with beautiful cards, gifts & intimate Valentines Night Dining Out.
    Valentines Day, the most Romantic Global Festival, is a huge occasion throughout the world. In particular the English speaking countries of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & UK.
    We will be featuring Engagement Wedding Photographers from all these countries as well as Elopement Wedding Photographers, Destination Wedding Photographers & of course Wedding Photographers. Build your brand with St Valentines Day.


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